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Project Manager, Training Expert and Music Director
Electronics and Communications Engineer, Business Consultant
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Cihan Atıl Namlı - Tübitak MAM UYTL'de Gönüllü Araştırmacılık
Volunteer Researcher in TUBITAK
Cihan Atıl Namlı - Yedeksubaylık
Officer in Military Service
Cihan Atıl Namlı - Kocaeli Üniversitesi Mesleki Eğitim Seminerleri 2007
KOU Vocational Education Seminars 2007
Cihan Atıl Namlı - Konser Arasında Burak Gözüm İle
With Burak Gozum in Concert Break
Cihan Atıl Namlı - Gitar Kursu Ders Arası
Having Fun with Students in Guitar Course


I was born in 1983, as a single child of a teacher mother and planner father, in Istanbul. I studied primary school at Yesilköy Sehit Pilot Muzaffer Erdonmez Primary School (1988-1993, 5 years), middle school and high school at Kartal Burak Bora Anatolian High School (French, Science/Mathematics, 1993-2000, 7 years), and university at Kocaeli University Electronics and Communications Engineering division (2000-2006, 5.5 years). I served as military reserve officer in 2006-2007. I speak advanced level of English and French.

My first contact with business life was in summer 2001. The internships in 2002 and 2003 followed it. From 2005 to 2006 (with respect to not being graduated from university yet), I designed electronical circuits and web based software to gain experience and earn money. After finishing military service, I involved in regular business life as of 2008. At this step, I aimed economical/administrative works by cancelling proceeding on my past technical experiences. Anyway, I didn't absolutely finish my technical life; I continued to be concerned in software programming. Later, I also managed software projects and now, I serve as information technologies consultant on request. Currently, as an administrative engineer, I work on management of sales and business development projects which relate to technical subjects.

On the other hand, from the beginning years of my university life, I contributed to numerous activities such as concerts, listenings, memorial days, visits, celebrations, with roles of organizer, narrator, contributor, consultant or team member, mostly performed in the Istanbul-Kadikoy cultural town and mostly as voluntary activities. We had very nice cooperations with Sahrayicedit and Merdivenkoy Volunteers, which are structured and penetrated with support of Kadikoy municipality. The extension of my university life depends primarily on the excessive time spent on these social activities. The share of this process on my character evolution and life sophistication is very considerable.

Besides being an Electronics and Communications Engineer, I'm a music performer, guitar/music teacher and music director. My talent of music that is realized in my very early ages has been proven on Istanbul University National Conservatory, during my part-time studentship between years 1989 and 1992. Although my academic education in conservatory was on West (European) Music and Violin, I cancelled to proceed on this instrument and I improved myself on guitar during years. Besides performing Flamenco, Latin and Jazz, I'm making difference as a Turkish Music Guitarist; I accompany and enrich Classical Turkish Music, Turkish Art Music (TSM) and Turkish Folk Music (THM), while preserving their originality (note that guitar is technically incompatible with classical Turkish music, so my virtuosity shows itself at this point). I contribute to concerts, extras and other stage performances with my guitar and my voice. On the other hand, I complemented my ability of teaching with my success in guitar performance and I carried it to the expert level on guitar teaching. I used this expertize to train up to 100 students between 2003 and 2011, through Cihan Atıl Namlı Basic and Moderate Level Guitar Education course that is initialized every year. Also, I improved the education program that I created for it, and settled it on a corporate base. The particularity of this education program which is special for classical guitar is that it maintains student loyalty and the pleasure got from education on top level (details are at Gitar Education Page). As of year 2013, I present this education only as private tuition.

I also play Piano, Violin, Oud, Baglama and Karadeniz Kemenche, but I don't present a tuition for these instruments.

I like thinking, qualified discussing and writing. I give the speech right to other side before telling my opinion. Sometimes, I write education, politics or technical articles (I shared some of them on my personal web site). I like learning and teaching very much: I identify myself first as Engineer and after as Teacher. I show respect to people because they are "human". I separate people only to two parts as "goods" and "evils". I rate good people, and I try to keep away evil people from myself and from the people that I love.

With my best regards

Cihan Atıl Namlı
November 2013


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